The first stamps show to the center of the block chain application of digital assets

Matters needing attention
Culture Ticket Chain participation mode
Official unique designated website:http://www.ctchain.cc
Culture Ticket Chain First Presale
Culture Ticket Chain risk warning
Please read the white paper on the CTC block chain, understand the block chain technology and CTC scene application, and evaluate the risk. Digital currency block chain is an early and high-risk industry, investment risk, need to be cautious at all times!

The pre-sale stage supports only official website http://www.ctchain.cc direct, any organization or individual to initiate the generation of Culture Ticket Chain CTC voted no official authorization.
The only block chain application platform in the cultural performance industry
To effectively solve the performance item exchange, ownership, certification, circulation, to the center of the transaction, fake problems and other industries
Innovation advantage
Block chaining technique

Block chain technology

CTC is an intelligent block chain digital asset, which will have all the advantages brought by block chain technology: no central control, no trust, high security, anonymity, freedom and so on.
Development of four parts

Four stages of development

• Ticket exchange
• Currency exchange
• Block purse application
• Development of intelligent contract for cultural performance
Memory based engine

Shared Theatre

The scene to provide new application: CTC can directly exchange APP in cultural exchange tickets, merchandise, membership and so on VIP. There is no middleman to make a difference, so as to truly realize the cultural consumption of Huimin.
Memory based engine

True and reliable

Depending on the block chain base technology, CTC can guarantee the true reliability of each transaction. A series of problems can prevent chaopiao and APP ticketing platform using fake tickets, ticket block chain technology.
Development plan
The end of 2016
Company founded
Early 2017
Project planning and preparation
July, 2017
The cultural exchange block chain technology development and testing
September, 2017
APP applications are officially launched
December 2017
Opening for the first time
Early 2018
App update iterations, optimize the interface, new functions on the line, develop other advanced function iteration
Block chain piaopin intelligent development contract
Team demeanor
Investment institution
The first brand public chain of global digital production business applications. Intellectual property right, right, rights more convenient, shorten the transaction chain, solid knowledge production safety chain to promote the healthy development of the cultural industry, various forms of intellectual property rights protection to the interests of both parties are not infringed, diverse forms of transaction makes the application of huge space, promote the prosperity of the cultural market.
In October 2013, the Municipal Tourism Commission, for the municipal government approved the establishment of the Handan Cultural Tourism Industry Development Co. Ltd., belonging to the tourism development of Handan City Management Committee, the city's integration platform undertakes the development of cultural tourism industry; shouldering the city's major cultural tourism project financing, investment, planning, operation and management functions.
Our China (Beijing) International Culture Media Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Bana CETV") was founded in 2006, has gone through more than ten years of history. CETV Baina early commitment to planning large-scale activities and performances of contractors, market operation and development, Chinese and foreign artists brokers endorsement and packaging, music and film and television production and promotion, and achieved fruitful results.
strategic cooperation